definition of bewildered

We usually use the term embarrassed when we want to realize that We have been extremely surprised, stunned or amazed by the succession of a certain event that was not expected to happen or by an unusual, surprising and even spectacular situation that dislodges the recipient or viewer.

So, generally, human beings fall into bewilderment when something spectacular happens or something that we did not expect, for example, a while ago we participated in a raffle by filling out a coupon after our purchase in a store, time passes and we had forgotten about the fact However, we received a phone call from the store telling us that we have won the car 0 km. that was drawn in a timely manner, surely, our first reaction when they tell us that we are the winners of a car, will be that of an absolute bewilderment, then, when they explain us we will remember the fact, leaving the bewilderment and giving way to euphoria for the joy that The news of the award produces us.

Also, confusion can be awakened in another type of situation, for example, when a co-worker with whom we do not maintain a fluid relationship at all, but rather the opposite, it is characterized by its constant tension, but suddenly In the face of the loss of an important report in our area, he defends us before the boss, assuring that it is impossible that we have lost it because we were not there that day. Something totally unexpected happens and we are taken aback.

The most common reactions that someone who has been confused usually manifests will be the lack of immediate reaction, as if they had been punched and knocked out, they do not know what to do, what to say, what to think.

On the other hand, when someone is confused, it is common for them to lose their composure and find themselves disoriented. Situations such as having to speak in public before an audience can be cause for confusion.