definition of hazard

Danger refers to any situation, which can be an action or a condition, that has the potential to cause harm to a certain person or thing. This damage may be physical and therefore produce some physical injury or subsequent illness, as appropriate, or the damage may be intended to cause an injury to an environment, a property, or both..

Generally, the dangers, as we said in the first part of the definition of the term, are potential or latent, that is, a danger is in potential or latent form always or most of the time, although of course once the danger ceases to be a danger and that becomes a concrete threat, can lead to or unleash a real emergency situation.

The risk can be materialized in different modalities. In the latent the situation is potentially dangerous but still things, people, environments or property were not affected, for example, a balcony of a building that presents some weaknesses in its structure will be a latent danger.

In potential danger or armed, the situation is ready and ready to affect people, things or property and generally requires an assessment to specifically determine the chances of it becoming an emergency.

The most common and effective way to decree the plausibility of a hazard causing specific damage is to assign values ​​to both its possibility and its seriousness through a numerical scale, assigning the highest and most serious values ​​to the most serious ones. then multiply one with the other to be able to make the pertinent comparisons.

The dangers can be caused by an infinity of factors, however, among the most common are natural ones, such as the detachment of a rock or the eruption of a volcano, the anthropic ones that are those caused by human beings and in this category we can include those that come from the construction zones for example and finally those that are closely linked to the activity or work that the person develops, for example a person who works as a construction worker is more exposed to a fall or a blow than one who performs administrative work in an office.

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