definition of nurse

Nurse is a person who is dedicated to the personal and intensive care of a patient, either in the hospital or health center or in their private home. The nurse or nurse are people who have followed the nursing career, dictated within the medical schools and considered a university career despite being shorter and involving less knowledge than medicine.

There is no doubt that the nurse is of great use to the general health service. This is so because being the person who comes into more direct contact with the patient, his observations and permanent care of the patient allow him to give a complete and exhaustive report to the treating physician. Nurses are generally in charge of issues related to the comfort of the patient but also with their data and more direct analysis such as blood pressure, sugar level, heart rate, and a general evolution of the person since the last time the patient was treated. saw the doctor.

In the same way that there are branches of medicine, we also find branches of nursing that involve special care for each need. In this sense, a person who is admitted for a trauma is not the same as one who is admitted to a hospital for a nervous breakdown or serious mental health problems. Dental assistants are understood, at the same time, as nurses in the dental area.

Nurses are generally women, although the male presence in this professional field has grown a lot in recent times. Nurses are usually depicted dressed in white and in characteristic costumes that may have been established in other historical eras. Today, nurses can be distinguished from other medical positions by the color of their gowns.

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