definition of juvenile delinquency

Juvenile delinquency is the general name given to those crimes that are perpetrated exclusively by individuals who have not reached the age of majority, generally established in the 18 years. For example, a young person who does not reach 18 years of age and who engages in various illicit actions will be called a juvenile delinquent.

In recent decades, as a consequence of the great progress that juvenile delinquency has had, studies and reports have been carried out from the most diverse angles of thought, to analyze this growing phenomenon, while it is impossible to determine a single factor such as The trigger for this action, but in reality there are many conditions that usually meet around a young person to decide to dedicate themselves to crime.

Among the most observed trends are: the absence of a containing family context in every aspect, emotional, economic; lack of opportunities in the social context in which you live and that makes crime the simplest and easiest way to get money; drug addiction, the need to consume and therefore to buy drugs makes addicts capable of stealing to get that money; serious psychological problems, among others.

As these crimes are precisely perpetrated by minors, the laws of almost all the world, attentive to this issue, have organs for the prosecution of their special acts and also detention centers destined only to shelter young people who commit crimes, courts or juvenile judge and reformatories, respectively.

The best way to prevent children and adolescents from falling into crime is to promote school attendance through various government policies, links with sport in any of its aspects, and provide supportive therapies to those young people who come from risk homes to deal with precisely the psychological impact that this causes, to name some of the most effective.

And it is also very important that from the power sectors of society, from the media and at school, a message is promoted in favor of work, study and sports and of course the condemnation of any type of activity that constitutes a crime to avoid.

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