definition of minutes

An act is a certification or written testimony in which an account of what happened, dealt with or agreed on the occasion of any circumstance that warrants it, such as the meeting of a consortium, the election of a person for a position that can be public or private, the meeting of the board of a company or organization, the proof of a birth or any other fact that requires or requires the corresponding legal certification of something as happened due to importance and because in the future, if the need arises, it can serve as evidence in a trial.

Thus and as it happens with other public documents, the record must have a series of data that will be decisive when evaluating its validity, in as much and generally, the same It is made by a professional who is known as a scribe and that as such is empowered to proceed in the preparation of the same.

Among the data that must be established in this document are: date, time, a very brief introduction about the reason for the work of the aforementioned, then, in what is called body, the notary will make a detailed detail of what that happened in the act or meeting in question and that motivated the execution of the pertinent minutes. This is among the most basic data that should appear and in the case, for example, of a consortium meeting, as we mentioned above, which may be one of the reasons for creating this type of document, the payroll should be recorded. of the participants of the same, a synthesis of the debates in the case that they have incurred in them, as well as the conclusions that were reached and if they were reached after a vote, also give an account of how the result of this.

To give a final cut to it, normally, a style paragraph is used in which the time in which the act that was carried out comes to an end is indicated and indicating that the signatures of those who They were present at the event and fully agreed to it.

The minutes are usually then transcribed into books specially prepared and designed for this purpose, with pages lined and numbered consecutively.

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