definition of deductive reasoning

At the behest of the logicalca, a deduction will be that argument in which the conclusion is inferred, yes or yes, from the premises it proposes.

Meanwhile, the deductive reasoning It's that one type of reasoning that starts from the whole, from the general, from a general premise, towards the particular, that is, from something that is general, deduces particular conclusions.

It should be noted that deductive reasoning will be considered valid as long as the conclusion reached derives from the premise from which it was started, for example: all men have feelings, Juan is a man, therefore Juan has feelings.

It may happen that the premise is not true, although the form of the argument will remain valid despite it. A distinctive characteristic of valid deductive reasoning is that in the conclusion it will contribute something new and independent with respect to those issues pointed out in the premise.

The truth of the conclusion in a deductive reasoning is conditioned to: the correctness of the proposed argument and the truth of its premise. In this type of reasoning, its truth value falls 100 percent on its premises.

On the opposite side of deductive reasoning we find the inductive reasoning, which on the contrary of the previous part of the particular towards the general. From particular premises, which result from the observation of a phenomenon, inductive reasoning will arrive at a conclusion of general characteristics. In this type of reasoning, the conclusion is beyond the proposition of the premises.

We use inductive reasoning constantly in our daily life, however, we must recognize the limits that we mention have in this regard and then since it is not based on a deep test its form is incomplete, therefore, the conclusion will be nothing more than an assumption ; meanwhile, the more complete the information collected will increase the chances of accuracy.

These reasonings turned out to be very used in the Antiquity of the world by the most prominent philosophers.

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