definition of murphy's law (murphy's laws)

Murphy's law or Murphy's laws, as some others like to say, for most people, are the most used way to name or mean those facts that can be originated in any type of field and that are characterized by the misfortune that dominates them.

One of the great maxims that these laws promote says, if something can go wrong, it will surely turn out very bad and one of the best examples to graph this issue is that of toast with butter and jam that falls on the floor and of course does it from the side which is smeared in most cases.

Then and as we said above, Murphy's law can be applied to any circumstance of everyday life, from the smallest and least decisive to the most important.

But this question that speaks of those imponderables that in the end always end up happening would be inspired by a real event that happened back in the 1940s in the last century when the engineer Edward A. Murphy Junior in charge during a brief period of an experiment with rockets on rails that were manufactured by the United States Air Force would have used a similar expression oriented to that meaning (if a person has a way of making a mistake, he will end up committing it) when the inexperience of one of his collaborators caused the experiment they were carrying out to fail.

The engine of Murphy's law or what can drive anyone to use it is the almost predictive anticipation that it proposes and mainly characterizes it, something like anticipating the error and in some way why not excuse himself, because that is precisely what he did. Don Murphy blaming his job failure more than anything on his employee.

That is why when you want to emphasize the negative things in life, the majority decide to use or apply the spirit of Murphy's Law, so of course, positive issues abstain !!!

In case of need of application, here are some of the best-known corollaries of Murphy's law: when you look for something, you will surely find everything lost and not what you wanted, when things are left to their course, they usually go wrong worse, it is impossible to teach something to someone who thinks he knows everything.