definition of frustration

Frustration is a typical emotional response that human beings manifest when a desire or hope fails, that is, it consists of a hyper-negative and unpleasant feeling that is closely linked to unsatisfied expectations due to not having been able to achieve what was sought or wanted.

Meanwhile, a failure implies the lack of success that something has or the obtaining of an adverse result, which was obviously not expected.

It should be noted that the greater the will that someone has for that fact or event to occur in a satisfactory way, the greater the frustration if it is not achieved.

Psychology is the discipline that has most addressed this issue and therefore concludes that it is a syndrome that can present different symptoms and that impacts in different ways on people and in relation to the type of personality that the interested party presents.

It is important to note that in some cases frustration can develop serious psychological problems for the person who suffers from it and it is usually essential that this person receive support from the family and their affections and the assistance of a professional.

Experts in the field distinguish several types of processes that involve frustration: barrier frustration (It occurs when there is an obstacle that prevents achieving the desired end), frustration due to incompatibility of two positive objectives (there is a possibility of achieving two ends but both are incompatible), avoidance-avoidance conflict frustration (two negative situations prevail that generate flight), frustration from approximation-approximation conflict (It is generated by the indecision that results from a situation that proposes positive and negative results on the same scale).

Now, there are three basic behaviors in the face of flight: the aggressive response, which is one that is characterized because the person suffering from frustration brings out all his anger and then hits what causes him frustration.

Another common attitude is the escapeIn other words, the person who suffers from frustration decides to flee to put an end to the frustration he suffers.

And finally the replacement mechanism to avoid the frustrating situation and that consists of changing the objective for another that causes less anguish, less frustration.

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