definition of research

It is designated with the term of scientific research to the intentional search for knowledge or solutions to problems that may be of a cultural or scientific nature..

But it may also be that the object of the research is not limited to these fields but to technology, then, it will be called technological research, which will use scientific knowledge but applied to the development of soft or hard technologies.

Basically, the research consists of following a process, which will be systematic, because from the formulation of a hypothesis or the formulation of a work objective, a series of data will be collected according to a previously established plan, which, After having been analyzed and interpreted, they will be able to modify or add new knowledge to existing ones.

Likewise, you must observe organization as a condition without equanom, that is, all members of a research team must know everything they have to do while the research process lasts, applying the same definitions and criteria to all participants and solving accordingly. identically doubts or unforeseen events that appear in the course of the task. To comply with this essential step, a protocol must be written before the beginning of the investigation in which all the details or contingencies related to the study in question will be established.

And finally, objectivity must be another of the essential conditions during the process, because the conclusions that appear in the search can never be based on subjective impressions, but on facts that have been measured and observed, trying to avoid any type of personal interpretation or prejudice that any participant of the research team may have or raise.

The main activities of a scientific investigation include: measuring phenomena, comparing the results obtained, interpreting results based on current knowledge on a subject, taking into account the variables that could have influenced the result obtained, conducting surveys, comparisons and determine or resolve questions based on the results obtained.

There are different types of research according to the purposes to be fulfilled: basic, applied, field, experimental, projective and historical.

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