definition of network

A network or network consists of a set of computers connected to each other through various methods to share information and services.

It is called network or network to those series of computers or computing devices that are connected by means of cables, waves, signals or other mechanisms with the purpose of transmitting data among themselves, in addition to resources and services, in order to generate a shared work experience, and save time and money.

Computer networks can vary in their nature and characteristics, but very frequently they respond to a cooperative work interest in an office, company or other field that requires the collaborative effort of several involved. Currently, they are very common in businesses and institutions because they allow not only to share information and carry out joint actions, but also to save connection costs and software licenses.

The Internet, for example, is a network, through which computers around the world are connected through a technology that allows them to exchange content using websites and other programs. An Intranet, on the contrary, is a private or internal network that, although it also uses Internet technology, is used within a company or group.

Networks are classified according to their scope (personal, local, campus, metropolitan or wide area), by connection method (guided, which can be with cable, fiber or similar, or unguided, which involves radio waves , infrared, laser or wireless), according to functional relationship (client-to-server or peer-to-peer or p2p), by its architecture (bus, star, ring, mesh, tree or mixed network), and by data address (simplex, half duplex, full duplex).

In contemporary societies, networks are increasingly becoming an essential element for communication between individuals and corporations at all times, allowing exchanges as fast as they are simple, and facilitating cooperative work and strategic actions.

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