definition of manipulation

The word handling We use it fundamentally in our language with two senses, on the one hand, to refer in a general way to the handling that is carried out of various elements, utensils, which precisely require a thorough knowledge and expertise on the part of those who use them because they are It deals with objects that have in their functional structure a certain rigor in the action they generate or perform when they are used.

And on the other hand, we use the term to designate that person or group, which, making use of various characteristics that it has, such as the authority or power that it has in moral, social or political matters, uses it to achieve that person or group do not issue or express certain opinions, to do or not do this or that thing.

In other words, what manipulation seeks is to direct the opinion and thought of the other, canceling their free will and innate freedom, to guide them towards the end that best suits us.

At the political level and also in the contexts of the mass media, manipulation turns out to be a common currency that will have the purpose of getting the population or a sector to promote an ideology or political program, or to buy a certain product or service. , among others.

It is worth mentioning that this conviction is made through a methodology in which the subtlety prevails and various effective persuasion techniques are put into practice, so that of course, the recipient does not find an order or a direct obligation to do something or to think in such a way, but rather that the message in question is decoded as an opportunity or as the best alternative that you can choose for something to be successful, among other options.

Although there are many strategies that can be put into practice, among the most common are the appeal to emotions, the good ones, such as love, friendship, and also those that are feared, such as fear. , The anguish.

And on the other hand, it is common for the figure of a person with authority in some aspect to be used to exercise manipulation, especially because that power that is recognized will be able to dominate or manage the opinions and actions that they want to control.