tv channel definition

Is named television channel To that station that broadcasts audio and video signals to television receivers within a specified geographic area.

Tevé channels can be owned by the state, and for instance managed administratively and artistically by the government of the day, or they can be managed by private companies.

Meanwhile, it is the state, through a public institution that depends on the government, which will be in charge of regulating a license or permit through the activity. In other words, each television channel will use a part of the spectrum, that is, a channel, through which it sends the information to broadcast the content it produces or imports.

It should be noted that transmission can be carried out through: radio waves, cable television network, satellite, or Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), which consists of a system that distributes television signals by subscription and uses broadband as a means of transmission.

Without a doubt, television is considered the most notable and most widespread means of mass communication on our planet.

At the end of the last century, the national and private television systems began to develop in the various nations. Of course the technological advances that occurred in those years are what facilitated the recording of video and audio signals and thus then programs were recorded that were later broadcast on television channels.

Likewise, live television, that is, those programs that are broadcast at the very moment they are being made, are a regular part of the content of the various television channels. Broadly speaking, television channels broadcast: newscasts, informational programs, variety programs or shows, novels, comedies, musical programs, sports broadcasts, children, among others.

The contents of television channels reach homes thanks to the televisions, which is the appliance par excellence in charge of this function of receiving the TV signal. For this, it has a tuner, controls and circuits to convert electrical signals into moving images that are displayed on the screen, while the sound is broadcast through the speakers.