definition of holder

The word headline admits several references, among them ...

One of the most common uses of the term allows to designate one who executes a position, a trade or a profession having the corresponding title to carry out the same. María is the tenured professor of the Comparative Political Systems chair in the fifth year of the school my sister attends..

On the other hand, it is recurrent to hear about the title term in the field of right, since in this way it is called that individual who at the request of a document or writing appears as the owner, owner or beneficiary of something. The owner of the property is my brother, not me. The new holder of the scholarship will be chosen through a public and open competition.

In the field of journalism, a headline is the name with which the title of news and articles is called, whether in newspapers, magazines, television programs, among others, that appears in capital and highlighted letters. Generally, the headline summarizes in a few words the most salient of a piece of information. Singer Michael Jackson died.

Likewise, the term holder is used to account for the recognition given to an individual for their knowledge, ancestry, or any other curiosity they possess.

At sport, especially in team sports, it is in another of the contexts in which we also find the use of the title word, since in this way the player who is part of the regular team. Riquelme is the starting hitch of the Boca Juniors team.

Also, to the action through which a name or title is given to something is called a headline. I have to title my last song.

And on his side, a university holder, is the name with which it is called in the Spanish university system to that professor who has absolute teaching and research independence to perform in the position he occupies.

It should be noted that these teachers are considered state officials. They enjoy wide freedom when it comes to establishing subjects. Among the essential requirements to be able to access the position are: being a doctor, that is, having approved the doctoral thesis and being a full professor at the university.