definition of rope

A rope is a rope in which one of its ends is knotted in such a way that an oval shape is created. Although a rope is nothing more than a rope, it has a whole series of very diverse uses.

Various uses

The rope can be used as an instrument to execute a person. In this sense, hanging is one of the most widespread means of execution. It was already practiced in ancient times, since the system used was simple and very effective (when the head is inserted into the rope that is attached to a fixed point, the weight of the body pulls downwards and this causes the neck to break and death almost snapshot). As a method of execution it is also used for suicide.

The rope in the context of livestock is used to bind cattle or to tie them in a secure way.

In the world of navigation there is the well-known rope or nautical rope, which can be of very different materials and intended or all kinds of functions.

The rope is used as an instrument in the process of initiation in the order of Freemasonry. Its meaning has a clear symbolic message and for the Masons the rope represents the umbilical cord that unites a mother with her child (in an analogous way, the rope is a metaphor for the union between the Mason and his Masonic group or lodge).

The classic rope or rope game is very popular all over the world. Its mechanics are very simple: two opposing teams each stretch the end of a rope in order to move the opposing team beyond a set line.

Presence of the rope in the language

Both in Spain and in America there is a great variety of phrases in which the word rope appears. If someone is in a very difficult situation because they are receiving pressure of some kind, they can say that "the rope is around their neck." If someone acts against him, it could be said that he "has put the rope around his neck." "To go with the rope to drag" means to flee from a problem but leaving something pending. "Throw someone's rope" is said ironically to refer to marriage.

There is a rather curious expression: "not to mention the rope in the hangman's house", which means that certain things are better not to say on some occasions, as they are very inappropriate. If we reflect on the use of this word, we will observe that in all cases there is a negative assessment, probably because the rope is associated with its most macabre use, hanging.

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