definition of annoying

The word annoying is a recurring term in our conversations and we generally use it to want to give an account of what causes us annoyance, or on the other hand, we also use it to refer that this or that they feel discomfort by x situation. His bad mood is so annoying that the whole office can no longer bear when he shows up like this. I must confess that I am upset with you because I did not like at all that you tell Laura that I separated from my husband.

Meanwhile, the inconvenience is recognized as a people's mood that is especially noted for making the sufferer feel both uncomfortable and irritatingMeanwhile, in some cases it is even necessary to lead to feelings as negative as they can be frustration and anger.

It is worth noting that the person who is easily annoyed by any situation is because they have a marked tendency towards irritation, as one of the salient characteristics of their personality.

Another unavoidable issue in relation to the issue of annoyance and therefore to what is annoying or makes us upset, is that what causes the annoyance in someone may not necessarily cause the same sensation to another, and this is smooth and plainly because it is a absolutely subjective questionIn other words, what may be annoying for me may not be so for another person at all.

So, for example, if loud music bothers me, it will be extremely annoying and unbearable for the neighbor upstairs to listen to the music at full volume, on the other hand, if his neighbor next door is not bothered by the volume of the music In the least it will not be an issue that will cause you discomfort.