abbreviation definition

An abbreviation is, after a convention that is made in a language for this purpose, the use of one or more letters of a word in order to make them shorter for a text and that it continues to be understood by that of the convention.. The methodology to create them is the elimination of some of the final or central letters or syllables of the word in question, for example United Nations (UN).

It is that since we were little, we just began to emerge the vice of reading, in the matter of language and literature at school, the subject of abbreviations is an undisputed ball and has always been present, since many, books, writings, newspapers, Magazines, dictionaries that we will face in the future will have in their texts very many abbreviations, which in the case of not knowing them will of course complicate the understanding of the same.

exist two forms of abbreviation of a word, one by truncation and the other by contraction. Truncation involves removing the final part of the word, for example av. per avenue, meanwhile, abbreviations that are made following this modality can never end with a vowel. And the abbreviations by contraction are those in which the central letters of the word are eliminated, leaving only those most representative of it. In this case it would be avda. by avenue. Ah and always, always abbreviations must be accompanied at the end by a period, which is what confirms that we are dealing with a full-fledged abbreviation.

Meanwhile, there are some abbreviations that have achieved a notable extension of their use that has turned them into portable abbreviations even from one language to another, for example: A.C. (Before Christ), etc .: Etcetera.

It is also necessary to mention that abbreviations in many cases have the function of making a certain text more functional, simple and fast, that is, they have an objective of making a writing more functional, but beware, according to the RAE its use cannot be indiscriminate but effective. You must delete at least two letters from the word that is abbreviated, they should not be used in quantities when they are expressed in letters.