definition of legal regime

A legal regime is the set of legal guidelines through which an activity is organized. These guidelines are specified in legal norms, which are all those laws or regulations that are based on the power of the state and that are based on a certain procedure. The general purpose of the legal norm is to regulate some aspect of life (business activity, couple relationships or the association of individuals).

In other words, each area of ​​society is arranged in a type of legal regime. In this sense, it is possible to speak of the legal regime of very diverse matters: administration, foreign trade, immigration, patronage, labor activity or data protection. It is considered that any social area must be subject to a legal regime so that there is no legal lack of protection in each of the areas or sectors.

As is logical, the concept of legal regime depends on the laws in force that affect a sphere of society and in the event that there were no laws in relation to a specific issue, the established jurisprudence would be applied to avoid a legal vacuum.

The general principle of the legal regime

In the legal system of most nations, it is established that law and law are the essential aspects of the legal regime. This means that the principle of legality is the fundamental concept that should govern life in society.

The legal regime of companies

Each company is different in its volume, in its sector or with respect to its commercial strategy. These circumstances make it necessary to frame each company within a specific legal regime. The choice of one legal form or another is essential to guarantee the proper functioning of a company and there are very diverse aspects that must be assessed (taxation, the people involved or the responsibility of the partners that comprise it).

The most typical regimes one observes

The most common legal regimes in the business world are the following: the community of property, the limited company, the joint-stock company and the collective partnership. This means that a company has its own legal personality for certain purposes, as well as rights and obligations. For this reason, when starting a business activity, all kinds of economic circumstances must be assessed, but the relevance of choosing the most suitable legal regime must not be ignored.

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