character definition

Characters are the symbols or graphics that are used to compose the different alphabets and that are necessary to develop written languages. These characters can vary greatly between language and language, going from being simple and primitive to very complex and difficult to interpret. The characters can also represent a concept (in which case they become more complex) or a sound (being simpler here). Of course, learning the characters that are part of one's own language is something that must be done at an early age in order to fix in the person the knowledge required for written expression.

Throughout history, characters have evolved from simpler to more complex forms. The first characters that humans developed were known as cuneiforms (created by the ancient Sumerians around 3000 BC). These characters were made up of variants of wedges that, combined in a certain way, acquired different meanings. Later, the human being established other types of characters that became specific to each culture, many of them still reaching today.

Today, different types of characters subsist according to the language. Although most of the planet communicates from the alphabet and Western characters, these differ from Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Hindu, and Slavic characters, to name a few.

On the other hand, it is of great importance what in recent decades has been known as computer language, the one that is applied in computer machines and that has developed its own characters. Computer characters are highly complex and, obviously, follow a specific structure that seeks to graphically establish the operation of the different sections of such machines and their possible understanding.

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