definition of inductive method

The inductive method, without a doubt, is one of the most popular methods when it comes to scientific research and thought, while its most salient and distinctive feature is that it reaches conclusions or theories on various aspects through the analysis of particular cases. It is in this way that it presents that it is popularly said that the inductive method consists of going from the particular to the general..

Due to this popularity that it has had for a long time, it is one of the methodologies most used by science.

The history of this method is certainly distant in time, since the Greek philosopher AristotleIn his time, he knew how to use it extensively. But the one who rescued him closer in time has been the English philosopher Francis Bacon who took care to place him in a more leading plane with respect to the Deductive method which was at that time the almost only reference in this sense.

Bacon argued that it was necessary to study men and environments in a more concrete and personalized way and the novelty that he adds is that those observations that are made in each case must be contrasted to determine their truth or not.

Whoever studies scientifically must disbelieve everything and not consider as true what is not plausible to be verified in a consistent manner.

Meanwhile, those who follow the inductive work scheme are very respectful of following a series of steps or stages so that the proposed method is effectively and satisfactorily fulfilled ...

It begins with the observation of the event in question and its corresponding record. The finished analysis of what is observed continues to then obtain a concrete definition. The information obtained is classified and general conclusions are formulated on the subject addressed with the mission of giving it a resolution in some way. And the last transcendent instance is the contrast.

If it can be verified then it will be accepted, otherwise it will be discarded.

On the other side we find another method that is also widely used by science and thinkers, which is the Deductive method. This maintains that the conclusion about a subject is in the premises and what is inferred is done through a general law. Now, in this generalizing eagerness from which one starts, one can fall into errors or mistakes and therefore those who defend the inductive method emphasize this in terms of the weakness of the deductive method.