definition of volleyball

Volleyball (also known as volleyball) is one of the most popular group sports and chosen both by those who actively enjoy it and by those who witness it on TV or in games.

Volleyball is based on a ball game in which two opposing teams must score points while defending their playing field from the points that the competitors can score. One of the most important characteristics of volleyball is that it is played with the hands and arms, in addition to the fact that the ball is kept in the air for a large part of the game, without being able to be caught or stopped with the hands or feet. A volleyball match is considered to have been won when a team wins three sets of 25 points each.

Volleyball is played on a rectangular court whose length is 18 meters long by 9 meters wide. This court is segmented in half by the net that is placed in height and that serves to divide the playing fields of each team. The ball must pass, through passes, jumps and shots, always above the net for the point to be valid. The service area is at the central limits of the court and the player must stand outside the court in order to serve.

One of the peculiarities of volleyball, which does not happen so much with other team sports, is that although each player has a more or less defined position, the six individuals that make up the group must be in permanent rotation each time it is performed or canceled. a point. In this way, they all go through different places on the court, thus performing different tasks and functions. Here it is important to point out the role of the Libero, the player who differs from the others because he can enter and exit the game at any time, replacing any player. However, the Libero cannot serve, block or attack.