definition of acrosport

The acrosport, also know as acrobatic gymnastics It is a discipline that is practiced in pairs, which can be mixed, female trios, or male quartets. It is considered as a acrobatic-choreographic sport in which three fundamental elements are integrated: formation of figures or body pyramids, acrobatics and elements of strength, flexibility and balances such as the transition from one figure to another and elements of dance, jumps, gymnastic pirouettes, such as the choreographic component that it is the one that attributes that degree of artistic to him.

Mainly, it is characterized by the group manifestation in which the body of each participant acts as a motor, support and driving apparatus for the others. In acrosport, choreography and acrobatic movements, both collective and individual, are harmoniously combined and all of them are in turn synchronized with an instrumental music without voice.

The origin of the word that designates this practice is Greek, acrobatean, which means climb or climb over someone.

But this acrobatic discipline is not a novelty of these modern times but quite the contrary, since it is a discipline that was practiced in very remote times of our humanity; Documentary and even archaeological records confirm that this was the case and that acrobatic exercises were also a reality about four thousand years ago.

For example, in ancient Egypt these types of exercises were very common and celebrated within special events such as festivals and ceremonies. Then, they would be extended to the Greeks and from then on the various acrobatic exercises, jumps, cartwheels, turns, among others, would become the attraction and discipline of millions of people around the world.

In acrosport, the person who is in charge of supporting the weight of a partner is called carrier and the one that rises above the port is known as agile within the jargon of the discipline.

To carry it out, an area of ​​12 by 12 meters is required, surrounded by a one-meter safety zone, while the average duration of an exercise is approximately two and a half to three seconds.

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