crop definition

Cultivation is the practice of sowing seeds in the ground and carrying out the necessary tasks to obtain fruits from them.

Agriculture is an ancient art that has the purpose of cultivating the land through different treatments and alternatives in order to obtain vegetables and fruits that can be used for nutritional, medicinal and aesthetic purposes.

Farming activities that often occur by human action but also respond to natural processes result in cereals, fruits, vegetables, forage, and others. Cultivation is understood to be all human actions that have the purpose of improving, treating and transforming the lands for the growth of crops. For many countries in the world this activity is their main economic support and, at the same time, it is, together with livestock, the main action that provides food for the world population.

There are different types of crops. For example, rainfed (produced without water input by the farmer, which is nourished by rain or groundwater), irrigated (with water input by the farmer through natural or artificial channels). Crops can also be classified as subsistence or industrial agriculture. According to the ecological footprint and the impact on the ground, it can be said that we speak of intensive crops (large production in a small space) or extensive (in a larger area). And there is also a taxonomy according to the cultivation method: for example, traditional agriculture (which uses the systems of the place), industrial, (based on systems to produce large quantities of food), and ecological or biological (which uses various systems that respect the environment and seek to protect it from a negative impact).

In recent years, the effects of intensive farming on the environment have begun to be considered much more. Thus, various organizations and initiatives have been created in order to influence large seed producers and companies that have influence in regional or global agriculture to encourage them to carry out more sustainable and positive practices for the environment.

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