definition of writing

Writing is the act of representing words or ideas with letters or signs on paper or any other surface.

Writing is called the exercise of writing with the purpose of transmitting ideas, writing a treatise, document or fictional text, drawing musical notes and signs, inscribing data or any other action of transposing letters and symbols on a given surface.

The history of writing as a system of graphic representation of a language dates back to 4000 BC. It is the composition of a verbal communication code through signs recorded or drawn on a support that can be a paper, a wall, a table and even a digital device such as a computer. Thus, writing must correspond to a given language or language, shared by one or more people who can interpret the ideas and concepts embodied in the act of writing.

Writing is an action that takes place in all kinds of settings and for various purposes. An individual may write a note, a poem, or any series of letters for the sole purpose of expressing and keeping them for himself, as with a personal journal. Also, writing can be used as a means of channeling stories, short stories, novels and other types of poetic or literary texts. This objective is aesthetic, creative, cultural and is perhaps the one that has enriched the language the most throughout history.

Writing is used informally to communicate more or less relevant information, such as a conversation through an instant messaging program between two friends. On the other hand, it is also used for a formal purpose in business, in legal and institutional settings, in work settings and others. It is also widely used as a means of communication between two individuals for emotional purposes, such as a letter or a love poem.

The purposes of writing are obviously infinite and, beyond oral language, they constitute the most relevant means of human communication.

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