definition of service

For the economy and marketing, so in vogue and essential these days in any society in the world that boasts of such, almost like a mother, A service is the set of activities carried out internally by a company, for example to be able to respond and satisfy the needs of a client. It is a good but it differs from this because it is always consumed when it is borrowed.

Although generally the service is intangible As it can be in the case of the management of some type of procedure that the client requests from a company, it can also be tangible in the case, for example, of the repair of an electrical appliance.

Among the most salient characteristics that are added to those already exposed of intangibility and tangibility are: heterogeneity: two similar services will never be identical or the same, this has to do with the variations of people or times when it is delivered; inseparability: both consumption and production occur totally or almost simultaneously; perishability: a service cannot be stored, mainly due to the latter of inseparability that I was commenting on and absence of property: whoever buys a service acquires the right to receive it but is not the owner of it.

Meanwhile, all service and more if you want to provide one that is good, you must follow the following beginning (It would be good if several companies read them thoroughly and then apply it!): service attitude, have the firm conviction that it is an honor to serve, provide full satisfaction to the buyer of the service, if necessary, if any contingency arises , demonstrate that it is not impossible to find a solution to the problem that arose with the service, charge for a service that was not provided or was provided poorly, move away from authoritarian behaviors, lead by example, this means that, for example, the company that provides services must provide both clients and employers the best work context.

This is among the basic principles and in terms of when the service is carried out, the following must be observed: quality, establishing product specifications, friendly and courteous treatment (courteous does not take away the bravery), always anticipating satisfaction of the client, keep the promises that are assumed, not make the client wait, this is among the most irritable that usually occurs when we acquire a service and finally always allow them to give their opinion, even if it is negative.

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