definition of profitable

Profitable is understood as something that gives some kind of revenue or benefit. The term profitable is a qualifying adjective that is used to refer to those elements, phenomena or situations that generate a benefit, usually economic. The concept is, therefore, very important in the field of economics and business since everything that is profitable is something that will ensure profits, profits and returns.

If we take into account that most economic activities are carried out to obtain some type of benefit that allows the subsistence of the parties that are involved in them, then it becomes easy to understand that income is an important part of any economic transaction. We understand revenue as the profits that any activity can generate: selling a pen and establishing an exchange of millionaire assets. Revenue is the remainder of the difference between what is earned and what is invested. That surplus is what will remain in the hands of the person who performs the activity.

The object or element considered profitable is neither more nor less than an element that can generate great benefits or revenues to whoever wants to trade it. Thus, for example, it is often said that food is always profitable because it is goods that are always consumed. Sometimes a product that is offered on sale can also be profitable because despite being a lower price than normal, it also generates more sales and therefore more profits.

The notion of profitable is, as one can imagine, subjective and also depends on each business or each seller, each audience and each sales area. Often times, for some, branded products are profitable, while for others, knockoffs fill that role. The condition of profitable is given precisely by the possibility of generating significant benefits to the business in question.

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