definition of punctuality

Punctuality is understood as the ability of a person to arrive on time to their tasks, to the places they must go, etc. The notion of punctuality is considered one of the most important and characteristic of modern societies in which time management is of great relevance. Punctuality can be understood as an attitude at the same time as a value: on the one hand it is the consequence of acting punctually and then knowing how to manage the times, while on the other it is also a highly appreciated value, especially in the workplace. . A punctual person always gives the idea of ​​responsibility, respect and organization as opposed to the image that a punctual person gives.

It can be said that the idea of ​​being punctual, of arriving on time to places or carrying out activities in a timely manner, is characteristic of our societies. This is so since during much of history the human being measured time from natural phenomena such as the sun, planets, etc. However, in modernity, capitalism and its eagerness to make money from any situation sought more and more to limit these interpretations to establish a type of time measurement that was much more measurable and objective.

Punctuality has to do then with the idea of ​​knowing how to take advantage of and organize the time one has in order to be able to fulfill the different objectives and responsibilities entrusted to it. At the same time, when talking about punctuality in the sense of arriving at a place at the established time, this has to do with the idea of ​​knowing how to manage time taking into account the different variables that can affect it with the final objective of arriving at the place. in the right way.

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