definition of baseball

Baseball is the name given to a popular sport which is practiced especially in countries like United States, Canada, Mexico and Venezuela, that is, with a predominance of the north and central zone of the American continent.

It involves two teams, each one made up of nine players, who with two elements: bat and ball, must go through the positions and the bases of the game circuit established in a field specially conditioned for its development.

The playing field where baseball is played is mostly grass, although there are some specific areas of dirt or sand, such as the one to which players run to reach the base and score. Also the zone of the batter is of earth.

Basically, the game of baseball consists of hitting the ball with the bat just to put it into play and make it move, meanwhile, the player who batted must run through the field with the mission of achieving several bases until he turns around. complete and return to where you hit. If he succeeds in doing so, that adds up to a point for his team, known as a career.

Now, not everything is to run and complete the turn, the batter must also submit to the attacks that the opposing players will give him, trying to get the ball that was hit in a timely manner, or prevent another opposing player from reaching the base and write down the aforementioned race.

In this game there is no tie between teams as there is in soccer. In baseball there must be yes or yes a winner. If after completing the nine innings or innings, which is the stipulated time, the score was not defined for any of the teams, remaining equality, then the game will be carried out until finally there is one.

Although the history of the sport indicates that there has been evidence in classical antiquity of games that consisted of a batting of the ball, it is considered that baseball was formally born in the middle of the 19th century, in the United States.

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