definition of teaching material

A teaching materials It's that one device, element, designed and manufactured with special characteristics to make teaching and learning processes easier.

Resources and tools that assist and make the teaching and learning process effective

By implicating these procedures is that they are used especially in the educational field with the objective that students learn concepts, ability, dexterity, among others.

Always and regardless of the type of material they take care of supporting the contents of a subject, a fact that allows the student to form their own criteria about what was learned and also help in the presentation of the topics.

Functions and classification

The didactic material in question can present one or several functions, the following stand out: bring information, act as a guide in learning, exercise skills, motivation, evaluation, attribute contexts for expression and creation, and provide representations.

However, whatever its type or class, the didactic material must impart or promote some teaching to its recipient, but it should not be included in this category.

It should be noted that this type of material is manipulated by teachers or by any other professional involved in a teaching stage to transmit the corresponding educational message in a simpler, entertaining and clear way.

Therefore, at the time of design, the type of audience to which these materials will be directed is especially taken into account, that is, an audience composed of adolescents will not be the same, generally more affectionate to receive audiovisual stimuli that quickly communicate the theme, than an elderly audience which of course will find it harder to understand a message that reaches these characteristics.

Among the most widespread didactic materials in the world are: books, manuals, films, magazines, records, games, computer programs, although, be careful, all of them must contribute some kind of learning to those who manipulate them, because otherwise They would only be vehicles of simple entertainment.

In other words, a film may be considered teaching material if it involves an analysis or special work on its plot, which is closely guided by the teacher based on certain guidelines.

Traditionally, people consider books or manuals the teaching materials par excellence, but as we can see they are not the only ones, a film as we just mentioned can be an excellent and effective teaching material for students to incorporate certain teachings, but of course, always its The exhibition must be contemplated together with the teacher and be accompanied by an analysis that allows drawing conclusions related to the learning of a topic.

But going back to books, we cannot ignore that they are the most widespread didactic material in the world when it comes to learning, and even today with the fantastic advance of new technologies they are still very present in schools and in other educational fields.

Textbooks, reference books, notebooks and worksheets, and picture books are the most popular and used teaching materials in book format.

The advantages of books

Among their benefits are that they are a very effective means of transmitting complex messages, they do not depend on any type of technology to use electricity or Internet connection, for example, reading, that is, the possibility of reading them enriches the vocabulary of the student, they are easy to use and to move, it is not necessary to learn anything to read them, just open them and start reading.

The most relevant benefits that these materials provide are many and varied, among which we can highlight: they provide information and guide learning in some way, providing the student with a basis for the development of their thinking and to increase meanings.

They make it possible for knowledge to last and allow real experimentation that stimulates students, they feel more active and involved and this is super positive for this process, because the fact that they develop interest in the student will make them commit to learning.

Many of these materials also allow the evaluation of the knowledge learned and also stimulate the expression and creativity of the students.

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