definition of dexterity

Ability that allows you to do something the right way

Skill is the skill or art with which a certain thing, job or activity is done and doing it correctly, satisfactorily, that is, doing something with skill will imply doing it and doing it well. "María has enormous skill when it comes to practicing water sports, the years dedicated to swimming have helped her a lot".

Especially, the skill is linked to physical or manual work.

The importance of practice, repetition, consistency and intelligence

It is not normally an innate ability, that is, it is born with us but is normally acquired through practice and effort.

The normal thing is to become skilled at something after a long process doing the activity in question. Let's think for example of when we learn something new, a sport, a game, a computer program, among others, at the beginning it is difficult for us to be effective, to act with precision in its practice or execution, however, as time passes and delves into trials We will begin to handle it with much more correction than at the beginning. We will progressively advance until we reach a true skill in its handling.

However, there are factors that are key when it comes to achieving dexterity, such is the case of repetition, perseverance and the intelligence that each individual develops.

The more times a certain action is repeated, the more likely it is that they will be skilled in handling it. Likewise, not giving in to the first obstacle that may arise and continuing to insist and fight because each day the action works better for us will be essential in achieving the skill.

And in terms of intelligence we must say that each person will have a unique intelligence, very specific to their experience, genetics and also their education, for example, we may be dealing with a manual, physical or rather intellectual intelligence.

There are professions and activities that involve having great skill in order to be carried out satisfactorily. Artisans, footballers, surgeons, must handle a sophisticated and very punctual technique to properly develop their jobs and to that is added a skill that not everyone usually has.

Physical dexterity, key to sporting success

For its part, Physical dexterity turns out to be a fundamental piece in the training of the athlete and also an essential question when it comes to wanting to achieve optimal performance in the competition that one wants to participate.

A good physical preparation will have a positive impact on the technical and tactical qualities of the practice of any sport.

Skill in combination with physical preparation and physical exercises will make the athlete develop a series of motor qualities such as endurance, coordination, agility, flexibility, strength, speed and relaxation.

The physically well-prepared athlete is easy to recognize because he will mainly stand out for his impeccable motor coordination, resistance to physical fatigue and the presentation of energy reserves.

The main mission of the skills is to achieve the improvement of the physical qualities of the subject, such as resistance, strength, speed, flexibility and elasticity, balance and agility.

The exercises that will make up physical dexterity must be chosen according to certain characteristics such as perseverance, the body's response, quantity, intensity and recovery, among others.

The other side of skill is ineptitude and clumsiness, which will make the person unable to carry out the corresponding activity effectively and successfully.

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