definition of social network

A Social Network is a social structure made up of people, organizations or entities that are connected to each other by one or more types of relationships such as: friendship, kinship, economic, sexual relations, common interests, experimentation of the same beliefs, among other possibilities.

For the past decade, social media has ruled the world and has changed the way we communicate. According to the latest Smart Insights survey on Mobile Marketing, in 2015, 79% of smartphone users said they use mobile applications almost every day and spend about 86% of their time browsing the web, imagine what it will be like for future years!

Connected to the world

Technology is making distance communication more accessible and social networks are today a fundamental part of people's lives

Without a doubt, the main advantage that this new communication channel offers us is the possibility of being in contact with people who are in any place and time zone, at a very low cost. This allows us to share interesting news about our life through statuses, images and videos that show details about our day to day, giving the opportunity to our family and friends who live far away, to feel that they are an important part of our life, without need for a plane ticket or long distance phone calls.

But personal relationships are not the only thing, social networks also help us to stay informed in real time, about what is happening around us. Today we are all street reporters because through digital platforms we can express ourselves, demonstrate, mobilize people or transmit our disagreement in the face of current problems.

The domino effect of this medium makes the published content go viral shortly after being launched. Every message that is transmitted on the network is reproduced thousands of times and this has allowed from massive calls for marches, to bringing restricted information to light.

Internet social networks have undoubtedly become a social phenomenon that revolutionizes the way of communication and interaction that human beings had until nowyou.

Basically, it is a virtual community in which users enter to interact with people from all over the world who have common interests and tastes, its main functions being to connect users who know each other or not, but who wish to do so. , allow the centralization of information and resources (photos, videos, thoughts and more) in a single place of easy access and exchange with others in which the users themselves generate and manage their own content.

Regarding the users of the same, there is no standardized prototype, far from it, but Anyone who wants to participate and be part of them can do so , since the access to them is totally free and free. In any case, and as a matter of eagerness to explore new directions and phenomena, which occurs precisely at that stage, they are teenagers who are the most characteristic users of them.

An excellent source of information

Social media can be a great place to learn and find solutions to everyday problems. It is well known that today, most people make inquiries on the web before making a purchase or going to a professional. Whether they are looking for medical advice, cooking recipes, travel tips, etc., the opinion of their contacts on social networks always worries them and will be taken into account.

The essential tool of the marketing plan

The real world is changing by leaps and bounds and with it, the way of doing business is being reinvented. Today, marketing has everything to do with digital strategies; brands that don't adopt these kinds of tactics are simply out of the game.

For companies, social networks are a way to obtain information about the tastes, preferences and purchasing habits of their consumers, at a very low cost. In addition, it allows them to establish emotional connections with them, in order to gain positioning and strengthen loyalty. Finally, they are an excellent resource to measure the quality of the service, since it has been shown that users will always share their opinion in their personal accounts, especially if it is a bad experience.

Responsible use

The great growth of social networks has definitely given us a lot of power and they have become an extension of our reality. Thanks to them, the personal has become social and even something private can become public in a matter of seconds, affecting other people.

Today we have the possibility of greater debate, greater discussion, greater exchange of knowledge, ideas and this enriches us as people and as a society, the key is to make use of these tools intelligently and with respect for others.

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