sketch definition

A sketch is a representation of a place, in such a way that a specific space is drawn through a series of strokes. In general, these types of drawings are intended to offer an approximate image of something, for example a house or an urban space. It should be noted that the sketch is a simplified version of a plane, so it is not about drawing all the details of a space but about offering an approximate image.

In Spanish there are a series of terms that serve as synonyms, such as sketch, draft or outline.

A clarification on its etymological origin

Regarding its etymology, the term comes from French and it is an onomatopoeic word that, in turn, comes from the verb croquer, which means to crunch or eat (croquer derives from croc, a word that expresses the noise that is made when eating, a quick action whose immediacy is similar to the speed of drawing a sketch).

What is a sketch for?

For certain everyday activities this type of graphic representation can be very useful. Thus, if we want to decorate our home again, the sketch allows us to present an initial sketch. On the other hand, traffic accidents must be reproduced in some medium and the sketches are essential to know what has happened and thus determine the responsibilities. If a person lives in a remote place, it is very likely that they will have to draw a sketch to be able to indicate to others the access to their home. Ultimately, the sketch is an indicative drawing that provides relevant information.

A sketch is not the same as a plane

Although both terms have an obvious similarity, it is convenient not to confuse them. The plan is a detailed drawing and is made on a certain scale. The sketch is much simpler and the scale or accuracy of the information is not relevant. The sketch can be a first step to later make a plan. In this way, it could be said that the sketch is an initial sketch of a possible plane.

Alternatives to the traditional sketch

New technologies are affecting all orders of life. A few years ago making a sketch was something daily and necessary to make a route by road or to find a specific address in a city. With GPS navigators and other similar technological tools it is no longer necessary to have a piece of paper with a sketch, as new technologies are much more precise and allow to have exact plans.

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