definition of winter

Winter is one of four seasons that occur during the year, between autumn and spring. Between June 21 and September 21 it takes place in the southern hemisphere, while from December 21 to March 21 it does the same but in the northern hemisphere.

The word winter is a word that has had an origin in the Latin term hibernum and among its main characteristics the following stand out: that the days start to get shorter, while the nights are super long and the highlight is that the temperatures turn out to be very low, below 10 ° and in some places on earth, more than anything the further we get from the Equator, they will become lower, and can reach several degrees below zero.

For this reason is that human beings should bundle up very much every time we leave the house, with covers, bags specially made to withstand the very low temperatures, hats, scarves, gloves, socks, because Otherwise, respiratory diseases will inevitably affect us. that happen almost like an epidemic during this season of the year, especially as a consequence of the fact that most of the places where we go or even where we live remain closed almost all the time to avoid the entry of cold and the consequent cooling of the place.

Another solution against the cold, in addition to sheltering ourselves with the aforementioned outfits, turns out to be the use of electrical, gas or fire appliances, such as stoves, heat ventors, homes, salamanders, which allow us to heat our rooms in a very short time and They allow us not to have to be stuffed inside our house or work.

Another very frequent situation is the issue of rainfall, in the winter it is recurrent that it rains and it rains, for a whole day even.

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