definition of homologate

Equating two things

Through the word homologate we can refer to the action of equating two things, that is, through it it is possible that two things or issues are similar and that they keep similarities. Normally, this action is put into practice so that something gains in operability and functionality.

In sport, registration and confirmation of the result of a test

On the other hand, the word is usually used in the sports field to name the action of registration and confirmation of the result of a test or test, by a competent body.

Control exercised by an authority so that the conditions and characteristics of an action or an item are met.

And also through this terminology it is possible to indicate the control action exercised by a formal authority to ensure that certain conditions and characteristics are met, whether of an action or of an element.

Homologation of degrees or studies

Let us think that we want to travel abroad for x reason and continue with the studies that we are carrying out in the destination, where of course, there will be a programmatic proposal different from that of our country.

Then, to be able to study, it will be necessary to carry out a procedure that is generally called homologation and that basically consists of the subjects that we have studied and approved until the moment of traveling, or failing that the title obtained after the course, are correspondingly analyzed. in order to achieve equivalence between the educational systems of each country.

Once the approval is achieved, we can continue with the studies at the level we left them or we can practice the profession for which we are qualified.

Generally it is a simple procedure, although it will depend on the agreements that pre-exist between the countries of origin and destination. The costs are variable since they depend on whether a manager is hired or whether the procedure is carried out directly on the person consulted, or whether the translation of some documents and titles is required.

Procedure to certify that the products are adapted to the current technical regulations

On the other hand, companies that produce goods usually carry out their homologation to certify that they are adapted to current technical regulations.

Homologation in this sense will allow products to be manufactured and sold with the required quality and safety.

Depending on the type of product or, the approval will be specified by specialized laboratories to carry out the corresponding tests and trials.