definition of pre-sport games

They are called pre-sport games to those who demand skills and abilities typical of sports, that is to say, throws, catches, displacements, among others. Meanwhile, the practice of this type of game is normally recommended as a preparation for children who begin to practice any sport, since the practice of these will provide them with a very good amount of physical and technical resources.

In some way, pre-sports games can be considered as a variant of minor games, especially characterized by consisting of the acquisition of certain movements, actions, primary skills that serve as a base, a foundation, to assimilate sports skills. From the pre-sports games, children get closer to the notion of competition and can also begin to exercise in terms of perception, analysis and decision-making related to the game.

It should be noted that normally pre-sport games and sports games share the same rules.

On the other hand, it is essential that coaches who dedicate themselves exclusively to the organization of this type of games have a concrete pedagogical attitude, without ever forgetting that the attention must be placed on the child who participates in the pre-sport game and its learning.

Another recommendation for the coach is that each day he teach his students a few questions, so as not to make them dizzy or confuse them and also that he give them absolute freedom so that they can improvise without interruptions or explanations.