definition of boxing

The Boxing or Box, as it is also popularly called, is a contact sport in which two individuals face each other who will fight only with their fists covered in special gloves with which they will hit each other and whose main condition will be to hit the opponent above the waist within a ring that is specially designed for such end.

East olympic sport consists of short fighting sequences called rounds or rounds in which the boxers fight each other, but always following the rigorous mandate imposed by the regulations that will be applied by the referee who closely follows each of the movements and blows within the ring with the fighters.

Boxing is a really very old practiceIts origins date back to Africa in the 6,000th century BC, while the first norms date back to the mid-18th century.

Traditionally, as a consequence of the violence that per se unfolds and implies, boxing has been a practice especially practiced by men and that therefore has had a significant share of gender prejudice when women asked for their place in it, however With the passing of time and the different advances and achievements made by women, professional boxing has given a place to this and today it is common and recurrent practice at a competitive level by women, although of course, In terms of the call, men's boxing still has several rounds of advantage.

As we mentioned above, the fight is divided into rounds and rounds, the number of which is determined by the type of event in question. For example, the world and continental championships are held for 12 rounds, which involve obtaining a national title at 10 and those without a title at stake, according to what is agreed, 4, 6, 8 or 10.

The knockout blow is one that will knock out one of the opponents and therefore he is the one who will decide the end of a fight and the winner, meanwhile, when the agreed rounds end without knockout, the jury by vote will decide who is the winner of the fight in question.

Among the prohibited blows within a fight are the following: hitting the neck or behind the head of the opponent, kicking the opponent, causing him to trip, hitting below the level of the other's belt, causing intentional head butting.

In addition to gloves, a boxer's accessories are: mouth guard, gown and support belt.