definition of armed conflict

The concept of armed conflict is a very complex one that refers to all those confrontations in which weapons and their use are involved. Armed conflicts are a historical phenomenon that has existed since the beginning of history and can occur between different peoples as well as between the same people, that is, internally. Either way, the armed conflict is very painful since it produces deaths and mutilations of all kinds, abuses, murders and endless violence that many are difficult to control, reverse or overcome.

Armed conflict is one of the most common ways in which a people can relate to another or even to themselves and this has to do with the fact that violence has always been present in human societies through elements such as hierarchy. , social inequality, intolerance, discrimination, etc.

An armed conflict can be aroused by a large number of causes ranging from economic, political, religious, cultural, territorial, administrative issues, etc. All these causes are used as an excuse or pretext to carry out an armed action that aims to demonstrate superiority, not allow invasions, silence or annihilate a population, etc.

In all cases, the armed conflict is equally painful and dark since it will always result in the death of innocent lives. The history of Humanity has seen a large number of international armed conflicts that generated great massacres such as the World Wars, the incursions of the West into the Middle East, the Vietnam War, etc. However, it is clear that when the armed conflict arises within the same country or territory (in which case it can be called "civil war" since it involves the same civilians and not only the military), the results are even harsher. because it is the same population that faces and annihilates itself.

Armed conflicts are usually facilitated by several factors as well, among them the participation of the great powers that move according to economic or political interests in pursuit of one of the sides. Another element that contributes greatly to this phenomenon today is arms trafficking, which pays significant dividends to producing countries (usually world powers) but which does not represent anything other than massacres and deaths in conflict regions.

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