telegram definition

The telegram is a means of communication that allows you to communicate a question in a concise, fast and brief way, while its name derives from the telegraph, a means of communication that emerged in the mid-nineteenth century and that precisely allows you to transmit messages with great immediacy and in the distance, using a code. For example: “Mom, I arrived safely. I will communicate next week. Kisses to everyone".

In the telegram three important data appear in addition to the message in question to be transmitted, such as: recipient, origin and subject, which consists of a very brief description of the motivation of the message.

The interference that the telegraph had in the appearance of the telegram

The telegraph, then, was the machine par excellence when transmitting these messages, using a code and using electrical signals. The great innovations that telegraphs brought in their time were the speed of transmission and the distance they could cross. Of course, with the tremendous advancement of technology today they have become obsolete.

Standardized paper on which a message of the aforementioned characteristics is received

And also the term is used to designate the standardized paper in which a message of the aforementioned characteristics is received.

At present, the telegram allows to communicate a message quickly, formally and concisely, and although of course new technologies have improved the way in which they are written and sent, this letter is as valid as before.

Extended and exclusive use in the workplace to notify dismissals and resignations

Now, we must say that currently the telegram has a widespread and exclusive use in the workplace.

When an employee decides to resign from his job, he is required to formalize such a situation by sending a telegram that is popularly known as a resignation telegram.

On the other hand, an employer can also use this medium to inform an employee that they have been laid off.

This means is often used a lot in cases of dismissal of employees in which there are no causes. The body of the message indicates that it is decided to dispense with the services of the employee in question as of a certain date.

Then, telegrams of resignation, notice of dismissal, and to specify some other communications, such as anticipating an absence from work, among others.

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