definition of free time

Free Time is known as that time that people dedicate to those activities that do not correspond to their formal work or essential domestic tasks. Its differential feature is that it is a recreational time which can be used by "its owner" at will, that is, unlike what happens with non-free time in which most of the time you cannot choose the time of completion, in this, the person can decide how many hours to allocate.

Although, free time, for some, also usually includes carrying out some activities that, although they are not work, may have some kind of obligation, such as going to the doctor, going to the supermarket, among others and that they are carried out in the so-called time free because there is no time to do them during those days in which work dominates.

So, generally, people usually use this time to rest from work, to carry out some activity that provides them recreation, entertainment or pleasure, or as we just indicated to do those activities that due to lack of time they cannot do while they are in a school. Laborable day.

Now, it will be necessary and a condition sine quanom that even if it reports these issues, it carries an identity, a meaning, because otherwise it will end up being boring, and that it also implies enjoyment. We can hardly include or categorize as part of free time an activity that is not attractive and pleasant at any point.

In another vein, it is important to note that free time or leisure, as it is also often called, is a typically human need. It is common that after a tiring week in terms of work, domestic or student obligations, people try to carry out activities that only involve enjoying, relaxing, everything that tired or exhausted them in the work week.

Meanwhile, what can be considered an activity strictly inscribed in free time will vary from person to person, because simply and simply not everyone has the same perception of what can be fun, pleasant, entertaining or pleasant.

For example, some will consider that studying or reading a book cannot at all enroll in a type of activity that is done during free time, however, there will surely be some who do consider it entertaining activities to deploy during their free time although the convention mostly postulate otherwise.

On the other hand, free time is usually closely linked to those activities considered to be the most productive and motivating.

Now, beyond this clarification that it is well worth it to understand that not all of us will be able to consider or register an activity in the same way as part of a leisure schedule, it is important to mention that there are a series of practices that by social convention and from time immemorial they have been linked to free time, that is, they try to do them in the free time of each one, such is the case of: going to the cinema, the theater or attending any other type of artistic or cultural activity, walking through the park, go to a shopping mall, go out for a picnic, take an excursion to a rural area to carry out various activities that emphasize direct contact with nature, among others.

Free time in history

The origins of the concept go back to ancient Greece in which philosophers devoted free time to those actions that involved reflecting on life, science and politics.

For its part, Roman civilization She was a great cultivator of free time and the practice of various activities during this time. The intellectual elites used this time to meditate and contemplate, similar to what happened with the Greek philosophers, meanwhile, ordinary people amused themselves by attending large shows or resting for the duration of that time.

Then, with the spread of Christianity and a very closed Christian morality, in the Middle Ages , practically recreational activities were not promoted.

Between the ages XX and XXI there has been an incredible expansion of the so-called Free Time, which has caused a magnificent diversification to the point of distinguishing itself in different categories: night (associated with the night and all those activities that take place during the night: bars, discos), shows (includes cultural and sports), sports (It involves the practice of some sport).

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