definition of organizations

The word organizations refers to those entities that are created by individuals who share similar interests and values ​​and who seek to achieve certain objectives through it. In an organization, each individual fulfills a specific and specialized function whose purpose is to achieve certain results. Together, such functions have to do with approaching the ultimate goal of the organization and must be more or less planned and systematized so that the expected results can be observed.

An organization is basically a social product made up of two or more people. An organization must have an objective towards which to go, but it must also have a number of tasks or activities, functions and resolutions that will eventually be responsible for reaching that objective. Social organizations can be concrete or virtual; While the former are palpable and knowable in everyday reality, many other organizations operate from virtual and non-concrete spaces. However, an organization is always an institution since it implies the ordering and systematization of certain work, operation and resolution guidelines.

Social organizations can be classified in different ways and the popularity or dominance of some of them varies over time. A traditional way of classifying organizations belonging to a given society is according to the activity or function they perform: cultural (a church), political (a party committee), recreation (a neighborhood club), education (a school) , various economic activities (a factory), services (a telecommunications company), etc. These can also be divided according to the origin of their capital, for example if they are public or private. On the other hand, an organization can also be described according to its size (large, medium, small or perhaps even multi-organizations when they include different types of smaller organizations in a single institution).

Today the term Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) has become popular to refer to those organizations that do not have direct support from the State and that are sustained by their own means or with the collaboration of society. These civil organizations are generally non-profit and are very numerous since they can be doomed to deal with various issues related to society as a whole: caring for the environment, fighting discrimination, caring for animals, health awareness , etc.

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