presentation definition

By presentation it refers to the process through which the content of a given topic will be presented to an audience or other chosen place, as it is or represents the best context to present it.. Basically, the objective of a presentation is to give an idea and inform people about a subject in question and that for some reason x, it will be widely valued and received by them since it can be of great help for the development of your tasks or activity, for example.

Although, as we mentioned, the presentations have traditionally been carried out in specific physical places and functional to the type of presentation that corresponds, new technologies have brought us other forms and ways when presenting any question, the so-called and known as programs of Presentations such as, Impress and the very popular and part of the Office suite that more than one will have ever used, Microsoft Power Point.

For example, in an academic context, presentations are something quite usual and the most formal way through which students and teachers carry out their corresponding activities, learn and teach. Meanwhile, in the case of students, when they are assigned a special class on a subject of study or when the end of the course has arrived, the subject of the presentation for the exams is very common and then, they usually use some of the methodologies mentioned as being the Power Point to accompany their oral presentations with images and words.

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