definition of perseverance

It is known as perseverance to that value that some human beings have in their actions and that implies constancy, firmness and tenacity in achieving somethingWhether it is a proposed goal, such as graduating from the degree you have chosen, starting a family or achieving a job that you want to get, whether or not for the economic and professional returns that it can give you. That is to say, perseverance is what one intends to achieve and by which he will use the means, the strategies that are necessary to reach this or that end.

It is taken and without a doubt it is, as a value, because generally that end, goal that someone proposes is difficult to achieve, either because it is complicated per se or because of the time it may take the person to achieve it, in the latter case we can To cite as an example having your own home, that will be the person's goal, while their attitude towards this will be to work many hours a day, including weekends, for several years and never waver in this regard. That, at the end of the road and once achieved, translates as perseverance.

If a person is characterized by his perseverance and tenacity, we are facing someone who is persevering. Whoever adopts this attitude as a general guideline practices perseverance, a quality that helps to achieve the desired objectives.

Laziness and laziness are positions contrary to perseverance

Most personal projects depend on the effort we put into their execution. If someone says that they should do more sport or that they should study English, both projects will be successful if they are carried out tenaciously and consistently.

Perseverance has two natural "enemies": laziness and laziness.

If someone decides to enroll in English classes or sign up for a physical activity, they have taken an important step, but it is not enough, because both projects require willpower and motivation to complete them. In this sense, it is quite common for lazy attitudes to prevail and great plans to come to nothing or almost nothing.

Profile of the persevering

The persevering person is someone who is normally patient and who is willing to fight tirelessly for his goals. He is an individual who is not easily discouraged and who is capable of overcoming the obstacles that appear in his way. If someone tells you that your project is not viable, it is very likely that you will not listen and, in this sense, their attitude is stubborn and even inflexible.

Why are some people persevering and others not?

Several answers can be given to this question. However, an individual's determination largely depends on his or her degree of motivation. If someone knows what they want to do and has an irrepressible passion to achieve it, it is very likely that they will achieve their goal.

Apart from motivation as a factor that determines perseverance, we are tenacious and fighters when we enjoy what we do because we feel a true vocation and passion for something. Let us think of a Spaniard who falls madly in love with a Polish woman, but because he does not know her language, he has serious difficulties communicating with her. If your love for that person is sincere, you will predictably persevere in the study of a new language.

The other side of perseverance

Although perseverance and effort are generally positive attitudes, in some circumstances they are not. Thus, maintaining a persistent posture when there is no chance of success is an unwise life approach.

Perseverance should be a fundamental value for everyone, that if it is not flaunted by birth or adoption, it will be necessary to practice it, because surely it will depend not only on the achievement or not of our goals in life, but also on whether we are people destined for success or for success. otherwise, to failure.

One piece of advice to achieve oiled perseverance will be to have the virtue of strength well within reach, since only with this will we obtain it or be close to doing so.

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