definition of need

Necessity will be called those sensations of lack, typical of human beings and that are closely linked to a desire for their satisfaction.. For example, thirst, cold, hunger, an achievement, an affection, power, personal fulfillment, are some of the most common needs that human beings, surely, we will experience even once in life because they are in our human nature.

There are five types of basic needs, grouped according to the subject matter. Physiological needs, those most basic that an individual feels, such as food, drink, clothing and housing, then, we find the need for safety and security. Following this are the affective needs, love, friendship, affection and belonging. Already in a slightly more advanced stage of demands we find the self-esteem needs, that only the success and prestige that is achieved will be able to satisfy them and finally, those of self-realization, the highest aspiration of an individual, since they will offer him the best corollary in concept of all the efforts and time that have been invested in satisfying it.

On the other hand, the term need is used when you want to describe or talk about some kind of obligation that you have in life and that without carrying it out, several inconveniences would arise. For example, work, for most of the people who live on this planet, unless it is a millionaire, but of course, they are the least, work really is a necessity, because without it the person could not cover correctly and adequately some aspects of his life such as feeding, dressing, entertaining or any other matter that he needs, simply and simply because he would not have the financial means that allow him to do this type of thing.

While and closely related to the last mentioned of the need for work, the term need is also often used when you want to account for the situation of extreme poverty that an individual goes through.

And the last of the common uses of the word need is found in what could be described as an irrepressible impulse, that is, when things happen to us that we cannot avoid and they do that, for example, after the impact that something or someone causes us, Let's do or say something about it, a lover who can't stand it and steals a passionate kiss from his beloved.