definition of analyst

We usually use the word analyst in our language in various situations to refer to different questions.

We call the analyst individual who normally observes and analyzes different events related to a certain area, be it culture, community, society, politics, among others. The analyst breaks down each fact, event, data, to be able to understand it and then obviously offer his point of view.

It should be noted that generally that person performs this activity in a professional manner, that is, it is their job to make these observations and after them express their considerations regarding each thing. The political analyst of the morning newscast analyzed the political consequences of the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

On the other hand, in psychology, to the person who is dedicated in a professional way to psychoanalysis he is commonly designated as an analyst. That is, the therapist, a psychologist specialized in the practice of psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis is a therapeutic methodology developed by the Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud whose mission is the resolution of psychic conflicts.

Analysts have also been called a type of writer that proliferated in Ancient Rome, more precisely between the year 200 B.C. and until the Old Roman Republic (year 80 BC) and that was concerned with precisely writing the history of Rome from the most remote antecedents to its own days.

In the field of computing, It is in another of the contexts in which the word is of recurrent use since it is called the individual who has specific knowledge about computer topics and therefore he is dedicated to developing applications, analyzing improvements and new utilities for operating systems, among other issues. Likewise, another of its tasks is to provide technical assistance to users of the applications it develops or improves.

On medicine, we also come across a reference for the word, since it is the name of the person who in a laboratory is in charge of carrying out clinical analyzes on patients who attend to be analyzed in some of their organic functions, under the recommendation of a doctor.