definition of manufacturing industry

It is called as manufacturing industry to that industry that is exclusively dedicated to transformation of different raw materials into finished products and goods ready to be consumed or to be distributed by those who will bring them closer to final consumers.

By case is that this industry belongs to the so-called secondary sector of an economy, because it is precisely what transforms the raw material that is generated in the primary sector.

The manufacturing activity is developed by various companies that have different sizes, that is, we can find small companies up to multinational companies.

Then, any company that dedicates its activity to the transformation of raw materials into final or semi-final goods will belong to the manufacturing industry.

It is worth noting that all the work that this economic activity carries out is possible due to the intervention of three fundamental pillars such as: the labor force, the machines and the tools, which precisely make the production in question possible.

Without a doubt the Industrial Revolution that occurred in the 18th century it was a hinge in our history and made possible to a substantial extent the extension and simplification of the manufacturing industry thanks to the machines that would later be incorporated to expand the production work.

Although man has always dealt with transforming the raw materials with which he was to produce necessary products, in the aforementioned period of history and with the technological advances that came with it, his great take-off took place.

All this situation gave way to the emergence of one of the great allies of the manufacturing industry such as the factory, because these new conditions created demanded the meeting of the employees in the same place next to the machines. From this moment on, factories began to proliferate throughout the world.

Meanwhile, the items covered are varied, among the most important are: food products, beverages, textile production, machinery and equipment, wood industry, paper production, chemicals and metal products.

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