definition of empath

Empathy is normally understood to be that feeling that involves the accompaniment in pain or suffering of that person who is in such a state. The empathic person will be the one who shows that feeling. When a person suffers from a certain situation or cause, another person (known or not of the first) can feel empathy for the simple fact of recognizing that the state of suffering, pain or grief is a characteristic and common state of the human being. Many times empathy is confused with pity but in reality it is not that if it is not a notion of accompanying even in feeling, that is to say emotionally and not so much perhaps verbally, to that person who suffers.

The idea of ​​empathy is based on the assumption that all human beings, as rational beings, are aware at some level that suffering, pain, grief, discomfort or different feelings can eventually occur to all of us, regardless of whether we have been through or through. not because of some situation with the same characteristics as another person. Because of that awareness that we have, we can realize in most cases that it is not pleasant for another person to suffer and therefore, that suffering of another person hurts ourselves as well. It is at that moment when we feel empathy, that is, when the feeling of pain is replicated in us.

Empathy is generally associated with social issues since in order to feel it, one must have some type of contact with another individual other than oneself. It is for this very reason that empathy is also closely linked to social relationships and with the type of bonds that one establishes throughout their life since those that mean the most to them will be the ones that probably generate the most empathy in one depending on each situation. .

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