spreadsheet definition

A spreadsheet is a computer program or application that allows the manipulation of data on numbers arranged in tables for the operation of complex accounting, finance and business calculations. .

The spreadsheet is an application of the traditional computer packages that is programmed to handle numerical and alphanumeric data with the purpose of obtaining conclusions from accounting reports. The possibilities of this type of application are immense, since it allows to operate with complex calculations, formulas, functions and to create graphs of all kinds.

The origins of modern spreadsheets perhaps date back to the 1960s, when articles in specialized journals began to refer to the concept of "electronic spreadsheet". The first spreadsheet was created by Dan Bricklin and was called VisiCalc.

Currently and in its most traditional form, spreadsheets are used to make numerical databases, calculation operations between cells, reports and representations in pie charts, bars and others. These functions are not only very useful for management and decision-making at the executive level, but they are also essential when it comes to presenting business and labor results and conclusions to audiences and clients.

Due to its versatility and ease of use based on software training, this type of program saves a lot of time (elaboration and resolution of long and complicated calculations) and money (invested in accountants and calculation and economics specialists).

Today there are many programs that offer this variety of services. The most common and popular in the world is Microsoft Office, called Excel, which is used in small and large offices and even to manage family finances. Calc, from, Gnumeric from Gnome Office, Numbers from Apple and several others can also be used according to the operating system used.

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