definition of publisher

The Microsoft Publisher, formally and officially called Microsoft Office Publisher , is a desktop publishing application from Microsoft Corporation. Generally, it is considered as a purely beginner program that certainly differs from the popular word processor Word because the Publisher especially emphasizes the design and layout of pages before in the process and the correction of the texts as it happens with Word.

Basically, the Publisher will help whoever employs it to easily create, personalize and also share a wide variety of publications and marketing materials. It has a huge variety of installed templates and on the other hand, also downloadable from the website in order to facilitate the design and layout process.

Regarding why Publisher only has a very small market share, this is exclusively due to the fact that it is a segment led by applications such as Adobe inDesign and QuarkXpress. The Publisher has historically been less appreciated by the graphic and printing centers Compared to the applications that we just mentioned, therefore, its market share is really small.

But this has not been the only reason for its low appreciation, but also the fact of being a Entry-level app worsens your limitations, especially in the case of older versions, which, for example, do not allow some fonts to be seen available, cannot display objects embedded in other computers, transparencies, object shading and export directly to PDF format.

Anyway, it is worth noting that newer versions of Publisher, such as Microsoft Publisher 2007, have increased capacity for separation and multi-level processing of colorsIt also allows you to export files in PDF format with the possibility of embedding your own typographic fonts within them, although beware, this application can only be downloaded from the website.

Despite the cons and pros, Microsoft Publisher is on the list of high-end Microsoft Office programs. Its use is very common and useful in small companies that do not usually have professionals dedicated to the design and layout of pages and documents.

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