definition of writing

A written is a letter, document or any other handwritten, typed or printed paper. Through writing we learned of his position regarding the sale of the company.

Somehow the writing is the material testimony that exists about a fact or an act carried out in the exercise of their functions by institutions, legal persons, natural persons, private persons or public persons and that will be recorded forever in a medium such as paper, photographs, magnetic discs, videos, among other options.

Traditionally, those writings that address competencies and activities that arise from institutions or public organizations and that are carried out continuously over time, have a serial character and will be called in documentary seriesSuch is the case of minutes, correspondence, accounting books, among others.

Meanwhile, since the arrival of the computer, the term file was established in common language to precisely name those writings that are made using computer programs. The file or writing will be given a name that is normally related to its content and it will be saved in a directory or folder located on the storage unit so that when it is necessary to consult it, it can be done easily and immediately. It is also possible to edit it, modify it and even when it is no longer used to delete it.

On the other hand, the written term is also used to designate the scientific or literary work. His legacy has countless writings, all made in life.

And on his side, the expression written refers that the information that is to be communicated or has been communicated was materialized by writing or by means of a text. To cancel the credit card I have to send a signed letter explaining the reasons.

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