poster definition

Through the word poster is designated to that poster that is placed fixedly on the walls of a space with a decorative objective or failing that, as happens frequently among adolescent audiences, with the mission of highlighting the admiration felt for a public figure, such as being an actor, an actress, a musician, an athlete, among the most common. Juan is such a fan of The Beatles that he has his entire room decorated with posters of the English band.

Since Laurita likes princesses, we have decorated her room with posters of the most popular princesses in children's literature..

Another fanaticism that is usually expressed through posters is the one that some individuals have for some leading brands in their segment: drinks, cigarettes, cars, motorcycles, among others and therefore, their logos are usually transferred to posters that these fans acquire en masse.

Now, although it is a reality that hanging posters of idols turns out to be a practice rather for children and adolescents, it is also possible that we meet some adults who use them in their personal spaces, such as offices and desks, to also express your preferences and interests.

Generally, posters are made from materials such as cardboard or paper and the most common and simple way to fix them on the walls is through adhesive tape on their ends, or it is also possible to hang them from small nails. Regarding the content, they can only have a photograph, an illustration or also incorporate other communicating elements such as graphics and texts.

It should be noted that this word, which has already been incorporated into the Spanish language, although with the singularity of having added the accent to the o, comes from the English language, from the word poster, without an accent.

The main difference that the poster presents with respect to the poster is that the second has a commercial, advertising function, that is, to announce some type of product or event, while the poster is only a means of expression of some fanaticism or an art that is admired.