definition of influence

The word influence supports various uses.

One of the common uses we give the term is to refer when someone makes a mistake or mistakeIn other words, if such a person, or we, make a mistake, we will talk about influencing the error. If I had not been carried away by your comments, I would not have affected such a fault.

Another application of the word influence arises when it comes to wanting to account for the emphatic repetition that a certain quality, characteristic, presents in a person when their way of acting is carefully observed, that is, we use this sense mostly to emphasize certain aspects that some people or things present. All the people who know my boss emphasize his great attachment to justice and morals.

Also, another use of the word will allow us to express, communicate the effect that one thing causes on another thing. Having spent the night without sleep influenced the erratic behavior that he presented the next day.

Yet the collision in which something hits something or someone is also manifested through the word influence. The knife struck her abdomen squarely.

Of all those expressed, without a doubt, the most used sense of the word influence is the one that expresses the effect that something causes on another, or failing that, on something else, so every time something marks a change in our life is common that we refer to it in terms of influencing: job change affects your mood change.

Meanwhile, it will be in this reference that the word influence is closely linked to the concept of incidence; An incident will be that which occurs in the course of a situation and that therefore is connected with it.